Kate Middleton’s phone breached?

Britain’s celebrity cellphone-hacking scandal has widened to include Kate Middleton as a possible victim in the years when she was Prince William’s girlfriend, The Guardian reported Wednesday.

The paper reported that a slew of other British notables, including ex-prime minister Tony Blair, have been added to the list of people who may have had their phones hacked or bank accounts penetrated by private investigators working for News of the World, owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp., and The Mirror, once edited by CNN’s Piers Morgan.

London police have been investigating the phone-hacking mess, in which scores of politicians and celebs have had their phone messages illegally intercepted, since January. Several journalists and editors have already been arrested. On Tuesday, the News of the World was forced to abjectly apologize in court to actress Sienna Miller and pay her about $150,000 in damages for illegally intercepting her messages in the mid-2000s and using them in stories about her romantic life.

Prince William and Prince Harry have already been identified as alleged victims of phone hackers for the News, which ran stories using information intercepted from the princes’ phones or those of their staff. Now, The Guardian says, the list of possible victims has expanded to include other members of the royal family, including the queen’s youngest son, Prince Edward and his wife; the queen’s cousin, the Duke of Kent and his wife; and the newlywed Duchess of Cambridge, who was Prince William’s girlfriend for nearly a decade.

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