Firms still struggling with mobile data security

Almost all businesses allow employees to access corporate information through a personal mobile device, despite the data security risks, a poll revealed.

A survey by AppCentral questioned over 300 mobile experts and IT professionals and found that 97 per cent allow employees to access work emails on their personal smartphones, with 42 per cent permitted to use internal applications.

Despite this, only half require staff to sign a legal document before accessing corporate resources, with only a quarter agreeing to a device ‘lockdown’ policy in the process, highlighting a misalignment of data security and management attitudes.

“When it comes to wanting to control a device, IT departments are still struggling for the right tone to set,” AppCentral chief executive officer Ken Singer said in an interview with Information Week.

“A lot of them are making employees sign onerous agreements that say we get to wipe your device if you leave the company,” he said, before conceding that as many smartphones are personal devices, it is not an enforceable policy.

Alex Teh, the commercial director of Vigil Software, agreed that data management departments are struggling to find a security solution for the influx of employee devices.

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Posted by Lucy Hill


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