ABC Reports: Security breach causes Sydney airport chaos

Qantas says flights are now running on time after a security breach caused massive delays at Sydney airport for most of the day.
The airline has cleared the backlog of passengers who had to be re-screened when two people went through an exit the wrong way and bypassed security checks.
At least 2,000 passengers and 14 flights were impacted by the breach at the T3 terminal.
Qantas spokeswoman Olivia Wirth says the airline had no choice but to clear the terminal and rescreen all passengers.
“We do apologise for this delay, however it is always safety and security as a first priority. It is inconvenient; it shouldn’t have happened,” she said.
“We have spoken to the Australian Federal Police. An investigation will be underway to ensure the incident doesn’t happen again.”
It is not yet known how or why the two passengers entered the secure area.
A power outage caused similar chaos in the T2 terminal in April.
Passenger David Ritchie says he was taken off his plane just before 10:00am (AEST) to be rescreened.
“We were told when we were sitting on the aircraft that there’d been a security breach,” he said.
“I wasn’t sure whether that was a machine malfunction or somebody going through security, but every aircraft in the Qantas terminal was disembarked and all the crew and the passengers have to go through the security check.”
Earlier, there was also drama on an international flight that landed at Sydney Airport.
The Air Canada flight was halfway between Vancouver and Sydney when it flew through a storm and the plane dropped dramatically.
Passengers say tea and coffee was being served at the time and the hot drinks spilled on a number of staff and passengers.
Five passengers and three crew were assessed by paramedics when the plane landed in Sydney, with three treated for burns.
No-one required hospital treatment.


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